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Treatment of Fine Thread Veins, Skin Tags & Red Spot

Scandinavian Skincare Systems is pleased to introduce the TVR System for the treatment of thread veins, skin tags and Red Spot. The treatment uses the well-established, safe and reliable technique known as thermo-coagulation: an ultra-rapid radio frequency precision technique that coagulates certain superficial cutaneous imperfections to minimize their appearance, or to eliminate them.  

The TVR System can effortlessly remove unsightly thread veins and vascular blemishes from the face. There is no break in the vascular system and no risk of burns, bruising, necrosis or pigmentation. In addition, the TVR System can also treat veins in sensitive areas such as ankles and those where micro-sclerotherapy cannot be used. The method is effective and relatively painless.  The waves transfer pulsing thermal energy to the vein with great accuracy. The vein shrinks, while the tissue in the surrounding area remains unaffected. At the end of the treatment, the vein will have completely faded. 

The TVR system can be applied individually or in combination with sclerotherapy to spider veins that are very small in diameter. After treatment, the area can be treated with Photodynamic Light to calm the area and for overall excellent results. Unlike the application of transdermal laser, TVR System treatments are not controlled by the client's skin type. Treatment can be applied to every part of the body, including the face.


One session takes about 10-15 minutes in which veins with a combined length of up to a meter can be treated. One treatment is often enough, however lesions on the body usually takes 1-2 treatments, after which there is a clear visible effect. The thermo-coagulation process is painless and well-tolerated by the client. After a treatment, the client can resume every day activities immediately.

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​To treat:

  • Deep wrinkles & uneven surfaces (perioral wrinkles, worry lines, nasolabial folds & forehead 

  • Pigmentation (age/sun spots, liver spots, light moles) 

  • Scars (reduction / improvement) 

  • Skin tag removal

What Are Thread Veins?

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They're also sometimes called 'spider veins' or 'broken veins', although the veins aren't in fact broken but only slightly enlarged. The medical term for them is telangiectasia. Spider veins can occur anywhere on the body but most often on the legs and face.  

Usually there's no obvious cause for thread veins. They tend to develop as we age and our skin and blood vessels become less elastic. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and the menopause are thought to provoke their development - the reason why women are more prone to them than men. One can also inherit a family tendency to the problem.


Other causes include too much sunbathing, exposure to wind or extreme temperatures, cortico-steroid medicines and radiotherapy. Jobs that involve prolonged standing may aggravate the condition, however they do not cause the problem. Although you may not like the look of thread veins, they are not dangerous, but they tend to become larger and increase in number over time. 

Almost all of us will get thread veins as we age. Around one in five women in their 20s have thread veins; a figure that rises to fifty percent by the age of forty and continues to increase. By the age of 70 over 70 percent of women have some thread veins. It is better to seek treatment sooner rather than later, as smaller thread veins are easy to treat, and they can be more difficult to eliminate later on.


Purchase of the TVR System includes a gratis Thread Vein Removal TRAINING COURSE at the Scandinavian Skincare Academy in England or at Vestfold Hudakademi in Norway. 

Please contact us for a full demonstration.

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Thread Vein Removal


International Fast-Track Education

ITEC Certification - Level 5

  • A Fast-Track education 

  • Double with International Qualification via ITEC, VTCT, OfQual and EQF (recognised in 39 countries)  

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