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MÖ PlasmaFill



The Next Generation Filler



The MÖ PlasmaBio is an autologous method for medical rejuvenation using ‘bio-filler’, and is a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers.


PlasmaBio is a holistic approach to promote a natural volume for skin rejuvenation, and the product is easily absorbed by the body. The process uses the waste blood product (platelet poor plasma- PPP) from the procedure ‘Platelet Rich-Plasma’ (PRP) - using your own blood's plasma.


This is an alternative to synthetic fillers for those who are allergic to HA products or are just not keen on the HA aesthetic look.

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Petri Dish


The PlasmaBio Treatment


The MÖ PlasmaBio can be used for:


  • Soft filler

  • Deep filler

  • Skin-boosting, 5 & 8 points.

  • Volume

  • Smoothing out deep lines & wrinkles

  • Reducing fine lines (especially around the face, neck and body) 

  • Enhancing youthful appearance


This is a much safer alternative to dermal fillers and the results provided are typically even better than you get with dermal filler. One major benefit of using bio-filler as a cosmetic filler is its ability to help your skin heal and rejuvenate faster, without the risk of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. If PRP is accidentally injected into a vessel under your eye, the risk of blindness is essentially zero. 

What are the side effects of PlasmaBio?


It is 100% safe since it uses your own blood's plasma and has no dangerous side effects.


These should disappear within a few days and is nothing abnormal.

How long does it last? 

The MÖ PlasmaBio treatment can last from 3 - 4 months when using soft filler with thin density and 8 - 10 months with thick filler after one session.


Results can last over a year when using the skin-boosting, 5 & 8 point method after two sessions.


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Platelet-Rich Plasma 


International Fast-Track Education

ITEC Certification - Level 7

  • A Fast-Track education

  • Diploma with International Qualification via ITEC, VTCT, OfQual and EQF (recognised in 39 countries)  

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MÖ PLasmaFill

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