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Non-surgical vaginal tightening & rejuvenation

The Femme V uses the latest, non-invasive HIFU technology. High intensity focused ultrasound targets the muscular mucosa, fiber & pelvic fascia layers. Penetrating the treatment area with heat (> 65°C), the Femme V stimulates collagen & hyperplasia, and realigns the muscular mucosa, fiber & pelvic fascia layers. With zero downtime, the Femme V treatment offers highly effective results for vaginal tightening, accelerated vaginal metabolism & self-healing.



  • 12 inch' touch screen.

  • 360° rotation emission.

  • Precise depth adjustment.

  • 3.0mm head for the epidermis layer.

  • 4.50mm head for the dermis layer.

  • Cartridge lifetime: 10,000 shots

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Femme V rose petals.png
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Vaginal Tightening

& Rejuvenation

The Femme V is easy to use, convenient and requires no consumable items.

Instant firming, tightening and shaping is present immediately after treatment and maintained 18-24 months post-treatment.

Slight swelling, little white energy points or small blood spots may occur post treatment due to the focus on the mucosal layer, but this will fade.


  • A firming effect to improve sexual life.

  • Increased lubrication from increased secretion and reduced dryness.

  • Enhanced reaction sensitivity due to cell regeneration.

  • Improved vaginal health & protection against vaginal infection.

Average treatment time: 20 minutes.

Min time until next treatment: 1 month.

Recommended period before sexual intercourse: 1 week.

Femme V rose petals.png


Laser Specialist 

IPL, SHR & E-Light

International Fast-Track Education

ITEC Certification - Level 4

  • A Fast-Track laser education with IPL, SHR & E-Light

  • International Qualification via ITEC, VTCT, OfQual and EQF (recognised in 39 countries)  

  • Double-diploma; Scandinavian Skincare Adademy & ITEC QCF (Level 4QAN 500/1212/5)

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Femme V rose petals.png
MO Femme V Equipment.png

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