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Much more than a scanning system ...


An integral part of the MÖ Scandinavia clinic concept providing comprehensive facial imaging and skin profiling linked to your client’s unique skin blueprint. A vital tool to clearly understand the specific needs of each individual client, allowing you to demonstrate the positive effects of the MÖ programmes.

  • Compatible with device hard disk and cloud storage for convenience and security.

  • Adopts deep learning algorithms to accurately profile skin indicators that lie both underneath and on the skin surface.

  • Software specifically designed for MÖ programmes with user friendly data collection and management.

  • Integrated diagnostic reporting from skin profiling and data collection acts as an effective tool for recommending MÖ Cosmeceuticals and showing fact-based results.

  • Utilises natural disinfecting technology using blue light for increased hygiene and equipment maintenance.


MO Profiler Light Sphere.jpg
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How does it work?

RGB light (Natural Light)

A natural light with soft and uniform imaging, using a multi-directional diffused light to evenly illuminate the whole face, removing shadows and sharp lines. Gives a clear image of wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, acne and colour. Uses a natural filter as the basis for a holistic overview of client’s face.


Polarised light (Dimmed Light)

Uses a special lens group to reduce the skin tone, showing underlying skin features and textures. Highlights fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and allows for the quantitive profiling of wrinkles.

Cross-polarised light

Uses a direct reflected light to reveal irregular skin features and uneven skin tone beneath the epidermis. Highlights sensitive skin features and shows the hidden microvascular structure.


UV light (Ultraviolet)

Uses a specific filter with a wavelength of 365nm to penetrate harmlessly to the epidermis of the skin. Highlights skin characteristics such as deep pigmentation, spots, acne scarring and damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Allows for the profiling of pigmented areas.

Blue light (Fluorescent Light) 

Uses a specific filter with a wavelength of 405nm to penetrates harmlessly to the epidermis of the skin. Effectively illuminates the face by utilising the cells natural function of converting invisible light into visible fluorescence. Highlights skin characteristics such as sebum secretion, deep acne, and flora distribution and allows for the profiling of acne areas.


Wood's Mode

Used to observe the subcutaneous vascular and pigmented lesions, brown spots and erythema, showing prominent imaging of fluorescent agents and residual reflection of chemicals.

Highlights skin characteristics such as sebum secretion, deep acne, and flora distribution and identifies potential dangers of spots, acne, spider veins and areas caused by ultraviolet radiation.


Erythromin light

Acts as a ‘red map’ created by the combination of composite spectrum to shows the distribution and depth of red blood cells. Identifies the effects of skin sensitivity, redness, and inflammation and profiles areas of high sensitivity.


Thermal light (Blu-Ray)

Acts as a heat map to detect bacteria causing acne in the sebaceous glands, showing skin problems invisible to the naked eye. Identifies red areas of inflammation and sensitive zones of the face with high hemoglobin content. Analyses sensitive and inflamed zones and allows for the prediction of potential acne.

MO Profiler Light Sphere.jpg


Level 2 & 3 Facial Skin Analysis

International Fast-Track Education

ITEC Certification - Level 3

  • A Fast-Track education 

  • International Qualification via ITEC, VTCT, OfQual and EQF (recognised in 39 countries)  

  • Double-diploma; Scandinavian Skincare Adademy & ITEC (Level 3)

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MO Profiler Light Sphere.jpg
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