MÖ LASER - Picosecond Nd Jag
  • MÖ Laser - Picosecond Nd Jag 532nm & 1064nm for Tattoo Removal ... and introducing 'The Hollywood Peel'


    The new MÖ Laser uses the latest generation picosecond technology for aesthetic tattoo removal, and is also perfect for the new Carbon Laser Peel ('The Hollywood Peel'). Powerful trillions-of-a-second laser energy grinds the pigment in the skin tissue resulting of complete tattoo and pigment removal in all types of skin colour. The MÖ Laser converts laser energy into gentle pressure to create new collagen by squeezing cells and activating the natural cell without burning or damaging the skin. 

    MÖ LASER - Picosecond Nd Jag

    • Options

      • 532nm can remove the superficial pigment, such as birth-marks, coffee spots, red colour tattoos and vascular lesions, and erythema moles. This frequency is more suitable for darker skin tones. 
      • 1064nm can remove the derma layer pigment in the face and body, and suitable for blue and black colour tattoos.  



      • High energy & shot pulse duration 
      • Minimal risk and less pain  
      • No anaesthesia necessary 
      • No inflammation  
      • Fast 
      • High performance 
      • Suitable for skin colour from I-IV skin Type, no hyper pigmentation after treatment. 


      Treatment Range

      • Tattoo removal 
      • Carbon Laser Peel / skin rejuvenation and resurfacing ("The Hollywood Peel")
      • Superficial pigment, such as birthmarks, freckles, coffee spots, black spots, vascular lesions and erythema moles
      • Acne scars