Safety Blood Collection Set, blue, 23Gx30cm, with luer, sterile


Intended to introduce or withdraw fluids from the vascular system after vein puncture


  • Terumo's soft, flexible interlocking wings readily conform to the body's contours
  • Wing is angled for ease of positioning of the needle during venipuncture, for less risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen
  • Precisely honed needle with Ultra-Thin wall design assures ease of penetration and continued access with a single insertion
  • Flexible tubing causes minimal damage in the event of movement during a procedure
  • Tubing measures 10cm with a luer connector on the end. Compatible with luer lock and luer slip syringes
  • Wings can easily be taped down, see our range of Medical Tapes

Details Safety Blood Collection Set, blue, 23Gx10cm, with luer, sterile