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Norwegian-born Marianne Olavesen-Stabb has been a product designer, trainer and consultant to the international health, wellbeing and beauty Industry for 30 years. Marianne has spent 20 Years in Business Management and was also one of the finalists in Cosmopolitan’s 'Women of Achievement' award for her achievements in Health & Wellbeing, including the development of state-of-the-art light technology and treatment systems.

Marianne has a passion for aesthetic skincare development, and has traveled the world being involved in the development of international aesthetic clinics. Marianne was responsible for the design and launch of the Spa at Oslo's Grand Hotel, which is widely known as Scandinavia’s most exclusive Spa. She has realized her vision with the creation of the Olavesen Spa and Olavesen Institute franchise concepts, which are flagships for the company’s excellent technical standards and exciting design.

Marianne has designed and launched two successful brands of skincare products; O-Lys which is currently one of the premier skincare brands in the Middle East, and Olavesen, the premier brand in the Scandinavian region. Marianne is also the designer behind The MÖ® System, which is based on Photodynamic Therapy - a synergistic combination of old and new - and a mixture of traditional and current technologies.

Marianne is a former Brand Manager for the Evelle product (Pharma Nord, Denmark) and has also contributed to Vendella's ‘The Beauty Bible’ - #1 bestseller in Norway. She was the Head of Health & Wellbeing Product Testing for Norway’s ‘TV2 Helps You’ and the Health & Wellbeing Specialist for TV2's ‘Good Morning Norway’.

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