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Comprising of 3 IV treatments in combination with Photodynamic Light TechnologyVIEW >

MÖ for Luxury Yachts is a unique Scandinavian aesthetic skincare treatment program for yacht charters, which can be customised specifically for 1-10 guests over a short-term charter. VIEW >



We are delighted to introduce the two-day MÖ Detox program to boost your immune system; fight off infection; nourish your skin & body; improve your complexion; and to relieve stressVIEW >

Vitamin C Infusion is the only process that ensures up to 100% absorption of Vitamin C. It enhances the immune system and overall well-being; and can help to prevent future health problemsVIEW >

Our MÖ Aesthetic Clinic is is now offering PRP treatments for skin rejuvenation and for hair loss. VIEW >


Our MÖ Aesthetic Clinic is delighted to introduce the Carbon Laser Peel, better known as 'The Hollywood Peel'. This painless procedure with no downtime refines the pores and provides a radiant glow. VIEW >



The ultimate aesthetic skincare procedure for the face has been developed for Norway’s “rich and famous” and is now available at the  Aesthetic Clinic. The 3D Liquid Facelift is a 2-3 day facial aesthetic contouring procedure that will make clients look 5-10 years younger. > More



Hyabell Dermal Fillers

We are delighted to announce our appointment as the UK & Norway distributor of Hyabell® - a hyaluronic acid dermal filler with lidocaine, made in Germany and cross-linked using BDDE methods. > More



We are delighted to introduce MÖ Stem Cell Corrector serum as part of the  Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection. Details


Scandinavian Skincare Systems


Leading Edge Technology in Aesthetic Skincare

An unparalleled Scandinavian symbiotic series of MÖ equipment, medical grade cosmeceuticals, treatments and training for the advanced aesthetic clinic. 

Our concept is on the leading edge of new technology in aesthetic treatments, and is supported by two first-class training academy ‘centres of excellence’ for medical / aesthetic practitioners.

We also offer the unique and exclusive MÖ Aesthetic Clinic international franchise concept. 

® is a Registered Trade Mark of Scandinavian Skincare System UK.

The MÖ System - Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

The MÖ System is the company’s own-designed fourth generation Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) system. 

The system uses state-of-the-art fiber optics which emit intense monochromatic visible light wavelengths on the skin without any infrared component or heat. > More

MÖ Centrifuge PRP

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new MÖ Centrifuge PRP system for Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

PRP has been effectively used in orthopaedic medicine; sports medicine; musculo-skeletal medicine; and particularly within cosmetic aesthetic treatments - especially skin rejuvenation for the promotion and restoration of new skin collagen. > More


MÖ Laser - Picosecond Nd Jag 532nm & 1064nm for Tattoo Removal ... and introducing 'The Hollywood Peel'

The new MÖ Laser uses the latest generation picosecond technology for tattoo removal, and is perfect for Carbon Laser Peeling ('The Hollywood Peel'). 

Powerful trillions-of-a-second laser energy grinds the pigment in the skin tissue resulting of complete tattoo and pigment removal in all types of skin colour. > More



MÖ Spectrum IPL, SHR & E-Light

A revolutionary technology for IPL hair removal. 

Whereas traditional IPL treats the skin with a high amounts of Joules (energy), the MÖ Spectrum’s SHR mode gently heats the hair follicles so that clients feel only warmth and a slight tingling sensation, some even comparing it to a light massage. > More


MÖ TVR System for Thread Vein Removal

Scandinavian Skincare Systems is pleased to introduce the TVR System for the treatment of thread veins, Red Spot and Rosacea. 

The treatment uses the well-established, safe and reliable technique known as thermo-coagulation: an ultra-rapid radio frequency precision technique that coagulates certain superficial cutaneous imperfections to minimize their appearance, or to eliminate them. > More


MÖ Plasma Arc

The latest addition to our range of aesthetic clinic equipment is the MÖ Plasma Arc. The treatment provides a non-invasive, safer and effective way to lift and tighten eyelids and neck, and is ideal for many other skin imperfections.

The treatment uses a small metal head which ionises atmospheric gas to produce a minute plasma flash onto the skin surface. > More

MÖ DermaPen

The MÖ DermaPen uses automatic nano-needling (nanometer biology) and derma-needling technology. This uses the concept of natural healing to increase the production of collagen with little injury to the skin. The series of micro-needles penetrate the skin causing thousands of micro injuries> More



The MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals Collection

Our MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals medical grade collection contains some of the most active ingredients on the market today. 

The collection utilises our Age Couture concept, which is based upon an inter-dependent relationship between a series of customised aesthetic programs.

The concept, effectiveness and style of the collection will enhance a long-lasting and emotional connection between you and your skincare routine. > More


The Scandinavian Skincare Academies

Academies in the UK and Norway for medical aesthetic practitioners. Our UK academy is exclusively for doctors, dentists & nurses. Practical sessions are limited to four (4) or six (6) delegates per course as we offer a personal focus and attention. > More


The MÖ Aesthetic Clinic Franchise Concept

A unique opportunity to offer Scandinavian treatments at the leading edge of international skincare. We offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy ('BHRT'); collagen threading; Platelet Rich Plasma ('PRP'); Photodynamic Therapy (PDT); skin-boosting; advanced laser & IPL; and many more. > More