Scandinavian Skincare Systems

Distributor Enquiries

Scandinavian Skincare Systems UK is interested to find international distributors for our unique symbiotic concept for the aesthetic medical skincare market.

This includes our own-designed MÖ® Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) System; the MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection of medical grade skincare products; the private and exclusive MÖ Aesthetic Clinic concept; and representation for the Scandinavian Skincare Academy for aesthetic practitioners. 


1. MÖ Equipment

Our proprietary range of MÖ equipment includes photodynamic therapy; laser; IPL; plasma arc, nano / derma-needling; centrifuge PRP and thread vein removal systems.

2. MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals 

The MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection create REAL results via a comprehensive medical grade collection offered to the professional and consumer skincare market. The collection targets skin on a molecular level speeding up the cell renewal process. The formulations are clinically tested to ensure results such as: significant wrinkle depth reduction; improvement in elasticity; enhanced collagen production; superior pigment and sebum balancing properties; and smoothing and desensitizing of irritated skin.

3. The MÖ Aesthetic Clinic

The MÖ® Aesthetic Clinic is a private and exclusive facility which accepts bookings from a limited number of private clients and often on a referral only basis. The clinic offers our 'Age Couture' concept is based upon an inter-dependent relationship between a series of customised aesthetic programs and the MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals medical grade collection which contains some of the most active ingredients on the market today. The dual system includes Essential Protocols - our base-line system of treatments and products targeted specifically to individual needs; and Rescue Protocols comprising of individual problem-solving cosmeceuticals delivering multi-layer fortification to the skin. The four cornerstones of the clinic are privacy, exclusivity, safety and results.

4. Scandinavian Skincare Academy 

The Scandinavian Skincare Academy is an ITEC recognised institution which offers full education and Fast Track courses. The academy awards both ITEC international diplomas and Scandinavian Skincare Academy diplomas up to Double-Bachelor Level 4. The courses allow students to commence study in their own country at home supported by our own e-learning platform, and thereafter to commence practical work in-situ at our UK academy and clinic.


Distribution enquiries should be sent via email to: