Scandinavian Skincare Systems


A complete anti-cellulite system

The MÖ® CelluSystem is a new method for the detection and treatment of cellulite. Designed by Marianne Olavesen, the CelluSystem comprises of:

  1. a highly innovative liquid crystal scanning plate (the CelluScan);
  2. an anti-cellulite skincare product (CelluReducer);
  3. CelluSlender Anti-Cellulite Digestible Capsules; and
  4. an informative manual detailing detection and treatment methods, including massage and exercise techniques.



The design of the CelluScan plate is based on a method that medical doctors used in the middle part of the century to analyze the symptoms of breast cancer, by painting liquid crystals onto the breast area to detect the temperature differences.

The CelluSystem reminds us that the best results in the treatment of cellulite call for a combination of approaches, including products, massage and physical exercise, all of which should be applied with perseverance and continuity. The system is easy and rapid to use, repeatable and – above all – harmless. It will really make the user take action, and is a fast-becoming a “must have” product.