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Scandinavian Skincare Systems

Scandinavian Skincare Systems is a group of companies based in the Cotswolds, England and with offices in Norway. The group has been involved in the aesthetic / medical skincare market for the past 24-years. The company's own-brand concept includes the MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals Collection of medical grade skincare products; MÖ equipment (including photodynamic therapy; laser; IPL; centrifuge PRP; plasma arc; derma-needling / derma-pen; and thread vein removal systems); plus two first-class academies (training centres of excellence for aesthetic practitioners); and the unique and exclusive MÖ Aesthetic Clinic franchise concept.

The company's flagship own-brand range is the MÖ Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection, which brings to the market high technology performance ingredients along with proven botanicals. Via our 'Age Couture' concept, individual protocols within the collection are specific to individual needs; enhancing an effective, emotional and long-lasting connection between user and products.

In 1994 Scandinavian Skincare Systems was the first company in the world to develop skincare treatments which included cold-light fiber-optic Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). The company has now taken that technology to a new level with treatments for skin boosting; facial scarring; acne; cellulite; and fine lines. The latest version of the MÖ System has been designed for medical practitioners and advanced aesthetics treatments. The MÖ System was designed by the company President and co-founder Marianne Olavesen-Stabb, and earned a nomination for the Cosmopolitan Women of Achievement Awards.

The company provides options  to study aesthetic / medical skincare at the Scandinavian Skincare Academy in Gloucestershire, England; and at Vestfold Hudakademi in Sandefjord in southern Norway.

The MÖ Aesthetic Clinic in Gloucestershire provides skincare, body-care and nutritional programs exclusively for private clients and often on a referral only basis. Client services are privacy assured.

The company also owns and manages its own online skincare recruitment portal

Marianne Olavesen-Stabb, President & Co-Founder

Norwegian-born Marianne Olavesen-Stabb is the company President and co-founder. Marianne has been a product designer, trainer and consultant to the international health, well-being and beauty Industry for 21 years. She has spent 13 Years in Business Management and was also one of the finalists in Cosmopolitan’s 1998 'Women of Achievement' award for her achievements in Health & Well-being, including the development of state-of-the-art therapy treatment systems.

Marianne has a passion for aesthetic skincare product and treatment development and has travelled the world being involved in the development of international Spas. She was responsible for the design and launch of the Spa at Oslo's Grand Hotel, which is widely known as Scandinavia’s most exclusive Spa.

In addition to the new MÖ Collection of cosmeceuticals products, Marianne has designed and launched two other successful brands: O-Lys, one of the premier skincare brands in the Middle East; and Olavesen, one of the premier brands in the Scandinavian region. Marianne is also the designer behind the MÖ System, which is based on Photodynamic Therapy - a synergistic combination of old and new - and a mixture of traditional and current technologies.