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Scandinavian Skincare Systems

The Scandinavian Skincare Systems Group of Companies has offices in the UK and Norway. The group has been involved in the aesthetic / medical skincare market for the past 24-years. 

The group includes Scan Skin Sys Ltd, which designs, manufactures and markets medical / aesthetic equipment and cosmeceuticals products for the international market. In 1994 the company was the first in the world to develop skincare treatments which included cold-light fiber-optic Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). The latest version of the MÖ System has been designed for medical practitioners and advanced aesthetics treatments.  

The group also includes two academies: Scandinavian Skincare Academy in the UK which is exclusively for medical practitioners (doctors, dentists and nurses); and Vestfold Hudakademi in the idyllic fjord-side town of Sandefjord, Norway. Vestfold Hudakademi is the largest and most successful aesthetic skincare academy in Norway, and the only aesthetic skincare academy to be approved by the Norwegian Government, with arrangements with NAV (Norway’s employment support division) and Lånekasse (the official state funding agency). 

Our UK-based MÖ Aesthetic Clinic clinic provides advanced aesthetic / medical skincare exclusively for private clients and employs nurses and doctors for its procedures. The clinic is based in Broadway in the Cotswolds, which is one of England's prettiest villages in an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Also included in the group is MediSkin AS, our medical distribution company in Norway.

Marianne Olavesen-Stabb, President & Co-Founder

Norwegian-born Marianne Olavesen-Stabb is the company President and co-founder. Marianne has been a product designer, trainer and consultant to the international health, well-being and beauty Industry for 22 years. She has spent 13 Years in Business Management and was also one of the finalists in Cosmopolitan’s 1998 'Women of Achievement' award for her achievements in Health & Well-being, including the development of state-of-the-art aesthetic / medical treatment systems.

In addition to the MÖ brand of products, Marianne has created and owned two other successful brands: O-Lys, which is still one of the premier skincare brands in the Middle East; and Olavesen, one of the premier brands in the Scandinavian region. 

Marianne is the designer behind the MÖ System, which is based on Photodynamic Therapy - a synergistic combination of old and new - and a mixture of traditional and current technologies. (Photodynamic-therapy Activates Immune Response)